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My intention is not to start the blog off weird. However I did say I would share my experiences and I have had a lot of them both explained and unexplained while growing up in the swamps and woods of Florida.

One particular experience I want to share happened approximately 30 years ago and has an interesting twist on our current time. I have changed the names of the people involved to protect their privacy and also to protect the location of the incident.

It was a cold night and the moon was very bright. The cold weather meant no mosquitoes and it was perfect for exploring the woods and hanging out. My friend was home from the army on leave and five of us decided to go to the woods. The first stop was what we called the caves.

We would go to the caves most of the time at night because when exploring them they were dark anyway. It never bothered us to be out there at night and this night was no different.

We had Allen's pickup truck, Allen was in the drivers seat. Our friend Jerry was in the passenger seat and  the rest of us, myself, my brother Andrew and Allen's brother Kevin was in the bed of the pickup. We had explored the caves and was ready to move on and Allen suggested we cross the road to the south side of the forest.

We all agreed and we were on our way. On the south side of the forest was a road that lead to a lime rock mine, 30 years ago it was active and had a mining operation in full swing. We took that road and came to the edge of the pit, this was the backside of the mine and we were able to drive down to a plateau from the road we followed.

We started down on to the plateau and upon reaching level ground we stopped and sat and looked around. It was a beautiful night and the lime rock plateau lite up like a white sheet of paper. I noticed little shadows on the lime rock floor so I shined my flashlight down to see what was causing them. It was little plants growing out of the lime rock.

As I lifted my head up I caught this huge shadow out of the corner of my eye and I turned my flashlight on it. It was massive and it wasn't a shadow. This thing was as tall as I was and I am 5'8 and standing in the bed of a pickup truck. This would have made the creature 8ft or better.

I was taken by surprise and I tried to say something to alert the others but I couldn't speak. By the time my mouth started to utter words Kevin saw it and started yelling for Allen to get out of there. My brother also started yelling, but Allen wasn't moving.

Kevin started beating on the roof of the cab and still nothing so he stooped down and looked through the rear window of the cab only to see Allen and Jerry frozen looking at this thing as it started moving toward the truck.

Finally Allen came to his senses and threw the truck in reverse, we backed over a small knoll and the three of us in the bed of the truck jumped out and piled upfront in the cab with Allen and Jerry. We felt the best thing to do was make a run for it, in order to do that Allen said we needed to get back in the bed of the truck for traction, so we did. When we came back over the knoll it was gone. We left the pit and drove straight home. Our families thought we were playing a joke when we told them our story. They soon realized we weren't joking and we were telling the truth.

How what happened to me 30 years ago ties in to present day. Lets fast forward to four years ago, 2014. A friend of mine is an avid bigfoot researcher and claimed to have bigfoot on his ranch and BFRO came to his place to investigate, that's how involved he was in cryptid research.

I told him of the experience I had and that I had many more. He asked me if I would take him to the place where my incident happened. I told him I would on two conditions one he understood the landscape has changed quite a bit since then so the exact spot might be unreachable and two, he could not tell anyone the location, not BFRO or anyone, he agreed.

So we decided to go primitive camping near the location to see what we would encounter. We have done this several times over the last four years and we can conclude that the creature and or it's offspring is still in the area.

The last time I was there camping at approximately 3:00 AM I heard a bellowing yell, it was long and very loud it echoed through the forest, it was like nothing I have heard in person before and all went silent when the yell conluded. The only way I can describe it is it sounded exactly like the sounds you hear on YouTube bigfoot sound videos.

Their are other experiences to share so as time permits I'll post them. I hope you found this incident interesting.

This information cannot be used or redistributed without the author's written permission. Contact the author.

Like I said I have had a lot of experiences in the woods and swamps growing up here. I would like to share another incident with you that happened to me when I was seventeen years old. This happened in another part of the county approximately fifteen miles from the previous post incident. I was going hunting with a friend of mine and  I was supposed to meet him at daybreak not far from our hunting area. I was early and did not want to wake him so I decided to go scout our area and meet him afterwards.

It was still dark as I proceeded down the path toward the swamp area where we would hunt. The path ended in a small clearing and the swamp was just beyond. I stood there for a moment and listened. I could here something walking just beyond the trees between the clearing and the swamp. At first I thought it might be a hog or deer then a branched snapped as if it was being removed from a tree.

As I listened I realized that whatever it was it seemed be walking in a small area in a circular pattern. I also concluded that it was bipedal as you here the footsteps proceed and pause as it continued to snap limbs. At this point I thought I should hide until daybreak and that is exactly what I did. I went in to a thicket of brush and squatted down, rifle in hand, it was only a .22 we were small game hunting that day. I listened intently to the walking and branch snapping, wondering what I could do if whatever it was came my way.

Now here is the creepy part. The sounds continued until daybreak then as if someone turned off a switch the walking and branch snapping stopped as soon as daylight appeared, no sound of it walking away or anything. I quickly got up from my hiding place and proceeded back on the path to meet my friend. I told him what happened and the location, we went in the woods to investigate and found nothing not even a footprint. Well I tossed it up to another unexplained weird goings on in the swamp.

About four months went by and I was at another friends house, his housed happened to be on the edge of the swamp on the opposite side of a dirt road. His home was not far from the clearing. We got on the subject of things going on and I told him about what happened to me. He said something similar happened to him as well.

He said it was a Friday night and he had rolled in about 2:00 AM. As he got out of his truck he heard something in the swamp across the road. He said whatever it was, it was big. He said the odd thing was it sounded like it was just inside the trees where you couldn't see it. He said it stayed in a small area and was walking around and snapping branches. He went inside and got his 30/30 rifle and sat on his porch. He said he continued listen for about an hour but it never came out of the tree line. He finally went inside and went to bed.

The next morning he ventured out to where he heard the sounds but he said he found nothing, no broken branches, no footprints or disturbed ground.

This information cannot be used or redistributed without the author's written permission. Contact the author.
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